Alejandro Regino

Sales Agent

license #801523

Before I became an agent, I was in school trying to figure out ways I could turn my entrepreneurial skills into something that would reward me, and with buying and selling apparel and shoes being the closest thing I had going for me to being an agent, I knew that I wanted to transition into becoming a sales agent. I knew I was meant to be in Real estate when I’d come across videos of how the industry works, the way people are able to help families and make a living out of it, and just being around other powerful, determined individuals who you can always learn from, and I was always so fascinated with it all. I got my real estate license in 2023, and passing both of my exams on the first try was one of my biggest accomplishments to this day. When I go to other people’s houses, or even just driving by, I always pay attention to the many factors that make a house special, or cozy. There is always something unique about every home out there and knowing what it is to potentially turn the focus of a client to that is important, even if it is something like a small fix that is needed, I am always appreciating details or noticing areas that might need some work done.

I have a knack for talking to people in general, but mainly when it is business related. Communication is one of the most important traits we should master, and having that down helps so much in everyday life. I also have a knack for working hard and staying consistent with any task at hand until it is complete, I heavily dislike “cliffhanger” performance so I try my best to practice what I preach. One thing I cannot stop talking about is how much I want to make it in this business to give back to my mother, who deserves it all. I have a heart that loves to give and I want to be able to bless everyone I hold close. 
When I am not buying or selling homes, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, playing soccer, organizing things around the house, chilling with my dogs, or anything else that either helps me relax or helps me become a better person.

Alejandro Regino
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Alejandro Regino

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